Fequently Asked Questions

How much do e-bikes cost?
A good one will generally cost above $1,500 and can cost up to $10,000.

Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?
No. As long as the top speed the bike can go does not exceed 28 miles per hour. Any bike you buy will already be restricted by the manufacturer to either 20mph - class one, 20mph with a throttle - class two, or 28mph - class three.

Can I ride an e-bike like a bicycle?
Yes, sort of. E-Bikes are heavier than regular bikes. Their frames are built to accommodate the torque caused by the electric motor. They also have batteries and motors that add weight. Most e-bikes have several power modes, the lowest of which allows you to ride most like a regular bike while still providing you with some pedal assistance.

Do e-bikes regenerate the battery?
Some e-bikes offer some regenerative braking capability. They typically will add back less than 5% to the battery, but every little bit counts. Batteries plug into the included charger and a standard electrical outlet. They take about four hours to fully charge.

How far will e-bikes go on a charge?
That depends on the terrain, the weight of the rider, the power mode you're using, and the bike itself. Most bikes we carry will travel on average about 40 miles on a charge. If you're riding up hills all day, maybe less. On flat ground, maybe more.

Are you required to wear a helmet?
In Seattle and King County, Washington, yes. Check your local ordinances for safety requirements and riding restrictions.

Are you allowed to ride on the sidewalk?
In Seattle and King County, Washington, no. Check your local ordinances for safety requirements and riding restrictions.

How often do e-bikes require maintenance?
Like all high-quality bikes, e-bikes require periodic maintenance. A good rule-of-thumb is to do general maintenance once a year and a tune-up every three to six months, depending on how hard and how much you ride. We service all makes and models of e-bikes and regular bikes at our shop in Seattle.