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Welcome to Seattle E-Bike! We strive as a company to provide eco-friendly alternatives for transportation in Seattle. E-Bike recognizes the increase of cost of living in Seattle as well as the geographical challenges the terrain can be, therefore providing alternate means of transportation to get from A to B to C to D more efficiently. Riding an electric bike provides not only exercise that you wouldn't get on a regular basis, but also gets you up the hills to and from work without having to break a sweat. Over the past 4 years of being in business, we have come to learn exactly what the needs are with our fellow e-bike customers and have reflected our extensive 20+ brand e-bike line in our store, including not only electric bicycles but also stand-up scooters, skateboards, motorcycles, trikes, cargo bikes and conversion kits. We service all of the transportation devices that we sell as well as regular non-electric bikes making our location your ultimate one stop shop for all your biking needs.

If you do not live in Seattle, we are happy to ship to you. We even deliver in city for those that cannot transport bicycles. Please contact the store for a shipping quote request. We also provide full service and repairs for bikes of all makes and models.

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We are located on 1st Avenue South, right next to the CenturyLink Field.

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