Custom E-bikes

While some Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts dream about creating these special speed demons, we Do-It-Original here at Seattle E-bike and actually build, repair and services them. 

Displayed here:

  • Iron Horse conversion with 1500 watt mid-drive Luna cyclone 72 volt battery.
  • Banshee conversion 1500 watt mid-drive Luna cyclone 52 volt mighty mini (35+mph). Courtesy Jacob and Brandon

You want your MTB converted? 
Ride your full Suspension Mountain Bike in today for a quote (Motor + Battery) with install!
We also service and troubleshoot all mechanical and electrical performance problems.


We also order, receive, build and work on HPC Typhoons and Revolutions
We have worked with HPC from the start and used their products to build a wide range of electric conversions.

Click here for cost and specifications

Click here for cost and specifications


Pedicabs - Mini or Standard size frames for Industrial and Commercial use
In Seattle we also build and service custom trikes, or Pedicabs, and use stout American built frames from one of these two time tested brands.


Click on the image to view their entire line of products.


Custom designing for your unique use is what we do best
Just bring us your challenges, needs, or requirements, and we will figure out a range of solutions that will meet your needs with a quality product that will provide you with a cost-effective solution to meet your criteria like we did with Seattle Domino's and their pizza delivery service.

Law Enforcement

Search and Rescue

Or, helping Pablo by replacing the trike that was stolen while he was working.
Read about his story on our press page.

The Ultimate Custom E-Bike
We also create the ultimate one-of-a-kind electric beasts that are so unique and powerful that they are featured on our showroom floor to show what we can do! And, upon request, they can be featured in art galleries as part of their installation, as seen below.

Photo credit: Kees Metselaar   Gallery: Treason Gallery, Seattle


Various uses for a customized trike includes the following:

We work on many MINI's vs standard Pedicab frames like those shown below
because they are legal on city bike lanes.



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