Fat Bikes

Seattle E-bike is proud to be the exclusive Fat Bike dealer in the Seattle area. Fat Bikes are the humvees of the biking world. While Prodeco uses a fairly standard 2 1/8 inch mountain bike tire, Fat Sand Bikes use a 4.8 inch wide, 30 inch tall tire. The large tires make these bikes exceptional to handle on all sorts of terrain. Hunters should know you can legally take a fat bike on Forest Service Hunting Lands.

Fat Bikes are available in a stunning array of primary colors as well as basic black.



Our first Fat Bike offering is one of their near entry level 3-speed bikes with a front disc brake installed by us for an extra margin of safety. The steel frame version is $899. The lighter aluminum frame is $999.

We rent the steel version of the Cruiser.



Our Terrain Destroyer comes with an 8 speed hub gear, which works much better in the challenging Northwest environment. They are fabricated from Aluminum instead of steel, which lowers the weight as well, and allows you to choose a 15 inch, 17 inch or 20 inch frame, while the starter bike comes in any size, as long as it is 17”. We will even give you a 6-month warranty against flats on all fat bikes. 



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