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Here is what some of our customers are saying about their experience with Seattle E-Bike:

Helen, Mariner 7 owner
I was searching for an E-bike to make it easier to get up the hills on my commute home to Capitol Hill. I thought I would only use it 2 or 3 times a week to commute, but with proper rain gear and lights, the commute is EASY, faster than the bus. I ride past backed up traffic, so sometimes I get home faster than if I drove. I now ride 5 days a week. I keep the charger at work, charge it with the battery still on the bike, and charge about once a week. It’s been a real surprise that I ride everyday and everywhere.

On my ride, I pedal or spin constantly (except for downhills) and throttle it 10-60% to add enough juice so I never break a sweat - if I don't want to. I wear jeans to dresses and look fashionable when I get to work. I don't need to shower or change clothes at work.

I had an awesome customer service experience with Seattle E-Bike!


I was searching for an E-bike to improve my commute to work. Traffic was horrendous. Using the E-bike, I cut my commute time from 40 minutes to 10 minutes and that cuts the stress out.

The performance of the bike is fantastic. It truly delivers, exactly as advertised. I did not expect how much I would really enjoy the riding experience. I had not been on a bicycle for over 40 years!! I use the electric on the hills and pedal on the flat. It is fantastic to get out in the environment once again!!

I am actually getting more exercise with my Phantom X2 than with my regular bikes because I ride farther and longer than I would attempt with my standard bikes. I ride the flats and downhills with no electric assist, and use full power going up hills.  This increases my average speed quite a bit so when I have a limited amount of time to ride, I go much farther since I know I can get back home on time. I have taken many 20+ mile rides while pulling my 5-year-old grandson behind me on a tow bike and easily keeping up with my riding group.

Here's a pic of my set-up:

I took a 5000 mile motor home trip last summer, and the folding bike fit right into my motor home, no bike rack needed that gets the bike dirty in wet weather.  My brother bought one after riding mine.  It's fun watching people smile who push the throttle the first time, they are surprised at its power and speed for a bike that looks like a pretty normal mountain bike.

I use my Phantom X2 as my primary transportation, and I get to places faster here in Downtown Seattle. My e-bike performs beyond any of my expectations. The Seattle E-Bike staff has been very helpful during my purchase and delivery of my e-bike. One thing I've found that was unexpected was all the attention I receive when riding around Seattle; it's a lot of fun.

Seattle E-Bike has great products and EXCELLENT SERVICE. I’m really enjoying my bike; I’ve ridden a thousand miles on it already this year and couldn't be happier! THANKS!

My wife and I are active sailors as well as general aviation enthusiasts. There's nothing worse than sailing or flying to a great destination just to realize you are without wheels and still a few miles from town or a great event. We therefore have been looking for high quality, efficient, and reasonably-priced electric folding bicycles for quite some time. 

We learned that Seattle E-Bike had recently opened its doors and, after thorough research into their product line, we bought two Prodeco Mariner 7s during their grand opening weekend. We couldn't be happier! We have flown to Port Townsend, Long Beach, and most recently Friday Harbor in a Cessna four-seater. The bikes are easily tucked into the rear seats and within ten minutes of arrival, we are heading down the road! On our last trip, we completely circumnavigated San Juan Island on a single charge. 

Not only are our Mariner 7s the perfect product at a great price, the personalized service and attention we have received from Brian and his staff has been nothing short of phenomenal. If you're in the market for an electric bike, there's no reason to shop anywhere else. As my wife said as we pedaled and powered our way in the warm afternoon sun near Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island, "These bikes have opened a whole new world of travel for us..." Indeed they have!

I was in the market for an e-Bike and was debating either a purchase online or local. After talking with Brian the owner and his colleagues, the choice was fairly clear and I've not regretted my decision to purchase with Seattle E-Bike. 

I'm  a very tall person so it was important that the bike I chose fit my build and riding style. Seattle E-Bike worked with me to ensure everything was in order and fit perfectly. They really are a custom bike shop and it's refreshing to have that personal attention. (BTW…I am not a paid spokesperson ;-)

My new bike is AWESOME! (A Prodeco Phantom X2 with the Ultimate upgrade package from Seattle E-Bike).

If you're in the market for a custom bike, be it an e-Bike or other variants, give Seattle e-Bike a shot.... You'll be very happy with your decision.

From Google Reviews:

Adam Hawkins, 11/3/2018
I came in last week and was really impressed with the overall quality of bikes they had. Alex was really helpful and helped me figure out which options were best for me. They had some really great deals. Think I found my new favorite shop in the city.

Candy Harmonn, 11/3/2018
Wow! if you like cool bikes then Seattle e-bike is for sure the place to go. They have such a nice staff and stayed open extra long for me so i could test ride and buy a bike. They do repairs and maintenance here too which is really convenient and they are open Saturdays! Probably the best bike shop in the area.

Amy Grant,
Really nice staff here at Seattle E-bike and great prices, shop is clean and orderly. They did a great repair on a messed up rim i had on a bike and was ready surprisingly fast. Josiah did a killer job, will definitely be back. Surprised to find some really cool and great priced commuting bikes, planning on coming back to pick up a new one soon

Seattle E-Bike is wonderful new bike store in the heart of Pioneer Square. The very nice and helpful staff was able to answer all of my questions and allow me and some friends to test ride their bikes. The Fatsand bikes are very cool, I took one for a spin during a Husky game downtown and almost too many people shouted, "Nice wheels!". They don't have suspension but the wheels are about 4.5 inches wide, making them feel very floaty. I weaved in and out of rail tracks, rode over cobblestone and jumped over curbs which could only be described as a Cadillac smooth feel. The Fatsand bike is very comparable to Surly's, but more affordable and comes with an internal geared hub. My friends tried the e-bikes and were very surprised at how much fun they are to ride (my whole point in bringing them). My biggest surprise was how well priced all the bikes are, the highest end off-road version e-bike they had was comparable to an average priced e-bike in Seattle. I've been looking at e-bikes for long time and ended up building my own, but I haven't found any e-bikes in town that can match these prices. If you have a couple hours to kill be sure to stop by this shop and try out the bikes. If anything you'll have a fun time.

I bought my Phantom X e-bike from Amazon because I did not know about this place until after I received from Amazon. If I had to do it over I would buy from Seattle e-Bikes instead. They are slightly more expensive, but it is worth it to have them receive the bulky box, unpackage, assemble and fine tune the bike for you. They also have add-on packages to add (and install) great accessories that I am finding hard to do on my own. Don't make my mistake; buy your bike from these folks.

Amazing service, incredibly responsive by phone, email and in-person. I shopped for months for my e-bike and this was the place that kept me coming back until I finally purchased my bike. They recently solved a serious problem for me in a creative, generous way. E-bikes are the future for navigating our congested, hilly city. This is the best place to start your journey.

Great selection of quality brands, excellent technical team and deep industry knowledge base. Probably all the high-end electric bikes in one place. I liked the ability to test ride the different mode
ls. Friendly staff with a big heart! Saw what they did for Pablo in Bremerton, WA who had his tricycle stolen. And, I don't regret visiting the store in their new location so that I could actually find the best ergonomic fit that provided durability and power.

Really friendly people who answered all our questions. You can get a test ride in the car park behind the store.

Best bike shop, period. This is the place to get an electric assist bike conversion done. Their engineer, Ben is a lover of all things with wheels and he and his staff are highly competent. He convert
ed my Trek hybrid to an electric assist, and it has changed my life. I can bike anywhere and not have to deal with hill climbing. Service has always been friendly, prompt, and done right. I cannot imagine taking my bike any where else, even though I live 18 miles away and don't own a car.


Just discovered this shop online, as I am exploring electric bikes and taking up riding again. Very friendly and patient staff who understands that I have a lot to learn. Plus, a no pressure relaxed environment that I appreciate a lot. Seattle E-bike has a wide selection of bikes and very experienced mechanics. Since, I have at least 7 bikes at home I thought about adding a conversion kit to one of them first. However, after test riding one of them, I am leaning towards one of their own fat tire Kulshan bikes. Nearly 33 kilometers per hour, without peddling.

This is absolutely the BEST place for all biking needs. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and really in tuned to each customer's individual needs.  Jake is the person who has been especially kind and helpful to my friends and to me.  I've seen him juggling several customers at once, and he still manages to make each person feel like they are getting individual time and attention.



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