Wayfinding Systems for E-bikes


Charging Station Site Location, Security, Signage, Installation and Maintenance
There are a multitude of considerations that come with facilitating the need and desire to have Electric Charging Stations built for light two-wheeled eBikes, like the high-quality European electric bikes, plus a few domestic brands we sell. After 6 years of eBike sales and service, to both consumers and businesses, we are now also helping companies design, build and install systems, that will help to facilitate the safe parking and charging of two, or three-wheeled eBikes.

These considerations apply to all types of installations:


  • Single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes
  • Small Aparment Complexes
  • Private gated and non-gated communities


  • Large parking garages
  • City high-rises
  • Small and medium business
  • Corporate campuses (Microsoft, Sprint, Google, Amazon)
  • Industrial complexes (Private and Military)
  • Airports and shipyards
  • Universities, colleges and high schools
  • Multi-family dwellings (condos and apartment complexes)
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Shopping centers

We help our clients with building a fleet of quality eBikes and siting decisions

  • Potential Hazards
    Ensure that electric charging spaces are not located near potential hazards. Electric charging stations should not be installed near explosive material; flammable vapors, liquids and gases; combustible dust or fibers; and materials which ignite spontaneously on contact with air.

  • Curbs, Wheel Stops, and Setbacks
    Curbs, wheel stops, and setbacks should be provided so that Electric bikes or other electric transportation cannot inadvertently drive into the eBikes. When installing curbs, wheel stops, and setbacks, consider ease of access to the charger, mobility of users and foot traffic in the area.

  • Signs and Visibility
    The electrical codes require special signs for Electric Transportation. Signs may also be needed to designate parking spaces for Electrical Transportation-use only. These signs should be positioned high enough to be seen over parked vehicles.

  • Disabled Access - ADA compliance
  • Insurance considerations 

Proper siting is especially important in public areas and at industrial sites

This can significantly affect the cost of the installation. There are many siting considerations relating to costs, safety, and aesthetics. These considerations apply to all installations from large parking garages, high-rises, industrial complexes, universities, colleges, high schools, and multi-family dwellings (condos and apartment complexes), to resorts, shopping centers, gated communities and single-family homes. 

These include:

  • Public Safety: Chargers should be sited away from traffic and other hazards. Adequate lighting should be provided for security.
  • Convenience: Chargers should be located conveniently near the main building or facility.
  • Proximity to Utility Equipment: Siting charge stations near the electric utility’s feeder lines or transformers may reduce installation costs.
  • Cable Management: To avoid injury from tripping over cables, cords and cables should not cross sidewalks or pedestrian traffic patterns, and should be installed with the E-Bike user's convenience in mind. Cable retractors should be considered for permanently wired cables.

Site Evaluation Checklist:

  • Location of the main electrical panel, branch circuits, and conduits
  • Location of hazardous materials
  • Location of charging stations
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Traffic flow and rider safety
  • Ventilation (not need with advanced batteries)
  • Description and locations of signs
  • Curbing, wheel stops, cutouts, setbacks, and bumper guards
  • Parking spaces, striping, driveways, and walkways
  • Landscaping
  • Future expansions and parking considerations


Reference materials from The Netherlands aka Holland. Perfect for business owners, people in public office, community service officials - anyone who is interested in making Seattle. Tacoma and surrounding areas a bike friendly city/region. Click here!

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