Cicli Blume Fixed Fuxia

Cicli Blume Fixed Fuxia


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The Fixed Fuxia model from Cicli Blume is an Italian made, fixie flip flop bicycle. It is made with a steel frame built in Italy and has 28" aluminum wheels. It features a Shimano CB-E110 Contropedale Rear Hub, a Brooks leather saddle, original Plump Brooks knobs, and assembly chrome fasteners and hardware. 

Frame: Hand Braised Steel Frame 
Wheels: 28” Aluminum Wheels
Tires: Schwalbe Spicer 700x40C Tires
Crankset: 48 teeth Crankset - Sturmey Archer
Seatpost: Aluminum Sliding Head Seatpost
Seat: Cambium C17  Brooks Leather Saddle

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