The Rayvolt Cruzer

The Rayvolt Cruzer
  • The Rayvolt Cruzer
  • The Rayvolt Cruzer
  • The Rayvolt Cruzer
  • The Rayvolt Cruzer


This is a European-built bike designed by French entrepreneur Mathieu Rauzier for Rayvolt, a Spanish company.

The bike offers six levels of pedal assist, ranging from no assist to full power. In auto mode, the bike adjusts its assistance to the terrain and conditions of the ride. The bike also has a built-in GPS system which gives the rider access to routes, maps, and travel guides.

The Rayvolt Cruzer uses a back wheel hub motor. This innovative hub has a brushless, 3-phase, dc motor made from 48 copper coils and magnets that are placed on the perimeter of the motor for the best possible torque.

The built-in controller receives heat and position data from the coils and computes where to put the next load within one millisecond. This accuracy produces a pure sine wave current, offering unmatched ride comfort which translates into better acceleration, better responsiveness, more torque, less noise, and less vibration.

The performance and life expectancy of any electric vehicle is directly linked to the type of cell used. The capacity of the battery pack also depends on the number of cells used.

Rayvolt uses 13 cells in series to reach a nominal voltage of 48V. At peak voltage, a full charge of 54.6V gives a lot of power. They use a minimum of 4 cells in parallel (52 cells in total) or 8 cells in parallel (104 Cells in total).

This gives an unmatched capacity of 550Wh (watt hours) and 1100Wh where most of the industry uses 300 to 360Wh. Using a state-of-the-art battery management system in the packs, each cell is connected to it before delivering the charge. This high-tech design balances the charge between each individual cell and can cut the connection in case of a short circuit. This ensures best possible performance while making the battery safer.

Intelligent Regenerative Brake System

The electronic braking system sends a signal to the motor controller and provokes a reverse effect in the motor. This converts torque into resistance using the wheel inertia to generate electricity and recharge the batteries. It acts like an ultra powerful dynamo.

The intelligent RBS is linked to the built-in gyroscope, allowing the bike to detect the cycling environment. It then provides the necessary amount of regenerative brake according to the angle of the hill. iRBS paired with the cloud-based iTS allows you to remotely lock your rear wheel.

Intelligent Pedal Assist

The Eiva® is Rayvolt’'s developed software to control, customize, and monitor your Rayvolt bike.

An Eiva® computer can be purchased and secured mounted to the handlebars, ready to go whenever you are. The software can also be downloaded for use on an existing Android or iPhone.

    1. Display 360º
    Monitor speed, battery state, MPH/KM Run & essential bike specs

    2. Bluetooth bike status
    Monitor the connection between the bike and Eiva®

    3. iPas Monitoring
    Adjust your pedal assistance here

    4. Settings
    Advanced configurations Also Technical support chat

    5. Music
    Play your music, your way.

    6. Maps
    GPS access

    7. Information
    Display Help

    The bike on offer is a pared down model with gray frame and comes without any frills or accessories. Rayvolt offers a wide variety of very cool accessories like a cast metal headlight, faux leather fenders, saddle bags, mirrors, and more.

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