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The Urban Arrow Cargo is the most efficient means of transportation to make the last mile a green mile. It’s fast, immune to traffic jams and can also carry a heavy and large load of freight. But apart from its many business advantages, the Cargo has another big plus that makes it even more attractive than a van - this bicycle keeps the city livable with 0 emissions, which reflects positively on your company’s image and helps the environment.

The Cargo is capable of carrying 12.5 cubic feet of cargo weighing up to a total weight of 330 pounds. Delivering cargo and products in crowded urban environments can now be done with ease and much more efficiently than a 4 wheeled vehicle, giving you the advantage amongst competitors.

Colors: White, Black
Weight: 94.7 lbs
Motor: 250w Bosch Active Mid Drive
Motor Drive Control: Pedal Assist
Top Speed: 20 mph
Battery: 36v, 11.6AH
Miles Per Charge: 30 to 43 miles
Charge Time: 3.5 hours
Total Max Rider & Cargo Weight: 330lbs
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Gears: NuVinci N380 Stepless Gears

Availability: Special Order only

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