West Seattle Bridge Closure






  • Problem 1: Many of us need or want to get to work or conduct business in East Seattle, which most call Seattle.  


  • Problem 2: The 6 to 8 lane freeway called the West Seattle Bridge is closed…Indefinitely,  for years.   What was once a 15 minute drive became 30 minutes  right away, during the full Covid lock down.  Now it is up to 50 minutes, and most estimates are that once full reopening has occurred, 90 to 150 minutes.  Each way !!


For most of us, that is probably not bearable.  It is certainly a huge waste of time.  BUT there is a beautiful protected bike way next to the low bridge.

But, as we West Seattleites know, we have a lot of hills on the West Side.  Big ones, Steep ones.  If you are not a regular bicycle rider, in pretty great shape, the prospect of an unassisted bike ride 6 to 10 miles into town, or further, is daunting.   Downtown is near sea level.  The Duwamish is at sea level.  But everyone in West Seattle lives at 400 to 600 feet above sea level.




THE SOLUTION:  E-Bikes. More and more people in West Seattle are buying them.  3 or 4 times more shop with us than before the Bridge disaster.  Most of our E-Bikes will climb any hill in West Seattle with ease.  


From the Junction, a  normal person can ride over the low bridge bikeway and into downtown in 25 minutes or less and, 25 minutes or less back up our 300 to 600 vertical feet hills.  (Myrtle and 35th, highest point in Seattle) . And,  with our higher end bikes, which can cruise at 28 mph,  you can do it in 20 minutes or less.  Both ways.


You emit 99.6% less carbon.   You won’t pay for parking.  Usually you can bring your bike up to your desk if you are going to work, and if you need to park it, we sell superb locks from Abus of Germany.  

Special for West Seattle only:  Buy any E-Bike from us, and get 35% on all accessories purchased with your E-Bike (goCycle and Giant accessories excluded).  (Just present ID showing you live in zip codes 98116, 98106, 98126, 98106 or 98136)


THE BEST FOR LAST:E-Bikes are a blast.  Our E-Bikes have very organic, sensitive pedelec systems, they make you feel like you are doing all the work yourself.  Escaping the pull of gravity.  Wonderwoman.  Superman.  If you have never ridden a good E-Bike, if you have only ridden  a “throttle bike” like a Radpower, or a rideshare bike, which is underpowered and also extremely heavy, you have not had the experience we offer you.  You owe it to yourself to come in for a test ride.  Test rides are free.  We will help you choose the right one.  That is our job.  


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