Stigo Folding Electric Scooter

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Scooters can be picked up at our Seattle store.
To ship a scooter, please call 206-320-8000 for pricing.

Stigo gives you the ultimate freedom to move around the city the way you want to do it. Urban travel and commuting are now quick, hassle-free, and environmentally friendly. Take it on the bus, tram, train, car or even a boat. No gears, no experience needed, ideal in even the most chaotic traffic.

Range - Up to 13 miles or 25 miles on Stigo+.
Top Speed - Approximately 16 mph.
Motor - 250 watt rear hub.
Battery - 36v 5.8ah or 11.6ah with extended range on Stigo+.
Weight - 31 pounds.
Max Load - 220 pounds.
Assist Type - Throttle.


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