Vintage Electric Tracker

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Built to Stand the Test of Time -The Tracker is roundly retro—all WWI-era motordrome racer lines topped with a Brooks leather saddle—but it’s boosted by a thoroughly modern electric motor. The rear-hub-mounted drive has two settings: a 750-watt mode for tooling around at 20 mph and a 3,000-watt mode that’ll let you zoom down country roads at 36 mph. It takes two hours to charge with a range of 35 miles.

Race Mode - Race Mode is an optional upgrade, which utilizes a 3,000 watt rear hub motor that rapidly accelerates the rider to 36 Miles/Hour (58 Km/Hour). The battery outputs a steady 60 amps at 52 volts. With that amazing powerhouse and a feather light frame, the Tracker packs a punch. Welcome to the ride of your life. Race Mode is intended for off road use only. Simply remove the Race Mode key to switch back into street legal mode to comply with local regulations including USA and EU standards.

Motor: 3000w 

Battery: 52v 522wh Li-ion
Speed: 36mph
Range: 20-35 miles
Control: Pedal Assist / Thumb Throttle
Fork: Tig welded steel with hand crafted leather frame bumps
Speeds: Single Speed
Brakes: Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Saddle: Brooks
Tires: Schwalbe 26"
Features: Built in battery, Stromer OMNI controller
Colors: Indian Red, Racing Green, Excelsior Blue, Slate Gray

35 Mile Range. 36 MPH in Race Mode. 2 Hour Re-charge.

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