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About Us

The Best Electric Bike Shop in the Pacific Northwest!

Welcome to Seattle E-Bike!

We strive as a company to provide eco-friendly alternatives for city and urban transportation in Seattle and surrounding areas.

The Seattle E-Bike team recognizes the increasing cost of living and parking in Seattle, as well as the geographical challenges the local, urban, and regional areas provide. Therefore, providing a clean alternate means of transportation to get from point A to B more efficiently makes sense. We provide the largest selection of electric bikes: many from Europe and some of the top domestic brands.

We offer a superb selection 

Riding an electric bike provides not only exercise that you might not be getting on a regular basis, but also easily gets you up the hills to and from work without having to break a sweat. It's over the past 10 years of being in business that we have come to learn what our fellow e-bike riders and customers need.


We have reflected these needs in our extensive 10+ brand e-bike line in our store, including not only electric bicycles, but also stand-up scooters and cargo bikes.

We also work with delivery businesses in the city like UPS who are looking for more effective and efficient ways to serve their customers. For information on fleet sales, other business-to-business solutions or government situations requiring knowledge of the SF330 proposal w/Section H and bidding process, contact You can also contact Brian for strategic partnering for events in Washington.

Our technicians service all our brands

We service all of the transportation devices that we sell as well as regular, non-electric bikes, making our new location in the Alaska Junction in West Seattle your ultimate one-stop location. Our expertise comes from understanding all the different systems used by the top electric bike manufacturers in the world.

If you do not live in Seattle, we are happy to ship to you! 

We even deliver in-city for those who cannot transport bicycles. Please contact the store for a shipping quote.

New to electric bikes or recently moved to Seattle? 

Call our store at 206-344-8000 or visit us at 4540 California Ave SW in West Seattle at the Alaska Junction.

To read what our happy customers have to say, visit our Testimonials page. And, see how we get involved with our community. Click to learn more about us and local bike programs, routes and more.

Why Ride an Electrical Bike? 

Riding Is Fun & Easy

If you know how to ride a normal bicycle, you can ride an electric bicycle.

Benefit From Economical Transportation

A better mode of clean transportation, the savings of an electric bike over a car are big. A typical 10-cent charge will take you from 25 to 50 miles with pedal assist and possibly further based on the motor and battery.

Help Be Environmentally Friendly

The carbon footprint per mile compared to a car, truck, or SUV is minuscule.

Enjoy Energized Fun & Healthy Exercise

Just about everyone loves riding their e-bike. And the more they ride, the better they feel. Whether you are riding for recreation or transportation, e-bikes liberate you from the confines of your car, the crowded bus, and it keeps you constantly active while you ride.

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.